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Cake Decorations

Whether you are looking for a birthday cake, or a cake for a special celebration such as an anniversary or baby shower, our cake decoration options will have you covered! We offer decorations such as vintage piping, signature designs such as stripes, drips, loaded cakes, spoon ridges, naked, etc., painted buttercream, character expressions, and buttercream florals.

Signature Styles

Cake Frosting

This is the style of cake that you will see in our case every week. Whether you want to keep it simple or jazz it up, this will give you a beautiful cake for any event you are celebrating. If you choose to order this style of cake we will send you a list of choices of what the cake itself can look like as well as what could go on top.

Painted Buttercream

Cake with palette knife florals

A smooth, frosted cake on the turntable as a blank canvas

A pretty buttercream color palette set on the side

And, a vision of beautiful painted buttercream florals done with a spatula

Vintage Piping

Piping in even sections around the cake is a major aspect of the old-school styles.

Incorporating over piping and string work techniques will also give you a vintage look.

Character Expressions

Rainbow Cake

From unicorns, to dragons, to Elmo, and so many more!

This is where we can have a little fun and create a beautiful face of a character on the side of a delicious cake. You just tell us what character you want, and we will bring your vision life!

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