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"Bread and people are alike in this:
warmth helps them rise."

Goodness takes endless forms.  It is the smell of homemade bread.  It is strawberry filling made from local strawberries.  It is eating the food you can’t get anywhere else but home.  It is sitting down with a friend over coffee and biscotti to catch up. It is taking the effort to celebrate the life of another person.  It is blessing a complete stranger. It is working together to create something.  Goodness is an experience that brightens life.  Gable House Bakery hopes to make opportunities for all these kinds of moments.  We believe there is great goodness in our valley, and that is why we are committed to sourcing locally as much as possible to create a high quality in both our product and presence in the community.  We are also committed to making the concept of caring for your neighbor a reality by being an avenue of giving from person to person.  

Our Mission: To actively brighten lives through goodness.
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