To place an order, please call the bakery at:
(570) 597-2118

Thanksgiving Cakes

Our Thanksgiving cakes come in three flavor varieties:
Chocolate with Chocolate Mousse*
White with Raspberry
Pumpkin with Cream Cheese
DECORATED with either:
Fall Floral Piping 
Chocolate Curls
Each cake is a 
round cake
with two layers, and each cake serves
approximately twelve individuals.
* Available in Gluten-Free

Nine Inch Pies

Apple Pie
Lemon Meringue
Blueberry Crumb
Coconut Creme
Cherry Crumb
 Cherry Crumb*                           Cherry Lattice*
 Apple Crumb*                            Apple Lattice*
 Blueberry Crumb*                      Blueberry Lattice*
 Pumpkin Custard*                       Raspberry Custard*
                  Pecan*                                  Coconut Cream
            Lemon Meringue*
*Available in Gluten-Free

Dinner Rolls & Bread Loaves

White Bread || $3.00

Honey Whole Wheat Bread || $3.00

Rolled Oat Bread || $3.00

Gluten Free Bread || $6.00

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Dinner Rolls || $5.00 / Dozen

Dinner rolls come by the dozen.

Molasses Wheat Bread || $3.00

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